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High Pressure Cleaning

Hard surfaces including pavers, concrete, tennis and netball courts can become covered in mould, algae, moss and oil making them slippery and dangerous over time.

Our high pressure cleaning processes are eco-friendly and efficient and will make your surfaces safer and more attractive as well as prevent costly repairs in the future.

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Roof and Solar Panel Cleaning

Keeping the roof of your house in premium condition not only makes your house look great, a clean roof is much easier to achieve than having to replace your roof in the future.

Clean Solar Panels operate more effectively when they are kept clean, saving you money every month.

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Indoor & Outdoor Glass Treatment

Keep your glass screens looking as good as the day they were installed.

Our glass treatment keeps surfaces cleaner for longer and makes everyday cleaning a breeze!

Cuts cleaning times by up to 90% and spend time doing the things you love!

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Paver Cleaning near me_Ian Arcangelli

Hi, I’m Ian …

Helping people keep their homes looking great is my passion.

With many years experience working in the glass and aluminium industry, specifically with showers, windows and door systems, I know how dirt and other debris on your indoor and outdoor glass can make your home look old and unloved.

Hazy pool fences look dull and downright ugly. I utilise a treatment system which brings them back to life and keeps them protected for many future years.

Roof tiles, pavers or driveway looking old, covered with algae or ground-in dirt? I can bring them back to looking amazing, normally without the use of chemicals.

Having a home that presents well not only makes you feel great about your haven, but helps maintain the value of your most prized asset.

Why not make life easier for yourself and get a free quote today?

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